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Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising For Dispensaries

Social Media Advertising For Dispensaries. Can Dispensaries Advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Can dispensaries advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Are you a marijuana dispensary looking for social media advertising for dispensaries, dispensary marketing tips, and/or digital marketing for dispensaries?

Do you operate a medical cannabis or recreational marijuana-related business and need to amplify your brand on social media? We can help you!

We all know that Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook/Instagram Ads don’t allow cannabis companies, medical and recreational dispensaries, and/or vape shops to advertise medical cannabis or recreational marijuana on their platforms, yet. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

We’ve actually been able to advertise medical marijuana on Facebook in 2017 and 2018. To learn how we were able to get approved to advertise on Facebook, using cannabis imagery and the words “medical marijuana”, read the case study.

So if pay-per-click (PPC) ads and boosted posts are also off-limits to dispensaries. How do you advertise your business in spite of these limitations?

Social Media Marketing For Dispensaries

The so-called secret to advertising medical/recreational marijuana on Facebook and Google relies solely on the creativity of your cannabis marketing agency!

Our process for advertising medical and recreational cannabis is rooted in creating and amplifying high-quality, engaging, and relevant content that appeals directly to your target market’s lifestyle, interests, and online behaviours.

Understanding Your Target Market – Customer Avatars & Marketing Personas

In order for us to effectively advertise your marijuana company and your cannabis products and services, we need to fully understand your target consumer.

Our process includes creating detailed customer avatars, or marketing personas, for the target market.

This allows us to get a better understanding of their your target customers likes/dislikes, lifestyle, interests, and online behaviours.

This data allows us to set up and execute hyper-targeted advertising and remarketing campaigns to people who are interested in your medical cannabis/recreational marijuana products and services.


Start Advertising Your Dispensary on Facebook Today!

Our team at are marijuana marketing experts and customer acquisition specialists.

Let our experienced marijuana marketing team help your business build a conversion funnel using Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn advertising and retargeting.

Or, allow our Google AdWords certified SEM pro’s to grow your cannabis business using remarketing on the Google Display Network (GDN) and using YouTube’s Pre-roll or InStream Ads!

We a data-driven, results-oriented, digital agency. This stuff is simple and straightforward to us!

Stop wondering if you can advertise weed and your dispensary on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s get started!

Contact us to request a quote.

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Vee and His Team at ColaDigital Are Outstanding!

“Vee and his team at ColaDigital are outstanding!

Vee delivers on everything he says he will- a big plus in this online world with so many flies by night operations.

We have contracted ColaDigital for multiple engagements- all are delivered by the date promised; a very organized and well-planned organization.

Looking forward to working with Vee and his team for the long term!”

Aaron Byers, Co-Owner,
Glenna Cairnie, Canadian Greenhouse Conference
“I Have The Utmost Confidence In ColaDigital”

“Vee and his team have been instrumental in growing my conference and expanding our reach to new audiences. They were patient with my learning curve, very accessible, responsible in handling my account budget and thorough in their reporting. I have the utmost confidence in to help us achieve our marketing goals.”

Glenna Cairnie, Canadian Greenhouse Conference
“ColaDigital Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals”

“Vee and his team at bring energy and creativity to everything they do. From community management to web design, to performance marketing, I can trust to bring fresh thinking and strategy to the table.

A huge benefit of working with is their ability to dissect the customer experience, whether it be online or offline.

Through analysis and collaboration ColaDigital can help you accomplish your goals, whether your goal is to acquire new customers or sell more to existing, have the strategic thinking to help you stand out from the crowd.”

Mick Higgins, CMO, Caddle Inc.
“Viral Marketing Done Right!”

“I’ve been around the viral marketing scene for almost 20 years, and what Vee has done with Nightmares is at the top of my list of amazing. So good in fact, that I spotlighted him in one of my books as the example of how to do viral marketing right. Besides being a good guy and smart as a whip, he understands community and viral marketing better than most.”

Scott Stratten, @UnMarketing
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