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SEO Audit / UX Analytics
SEO Audit / UX Analytics

Marijuana Website Design Profitability Analysis

Marijuana Website Design Profitability Analysis

Whether you’re a marijuana dispensary, a cultivator, a hemp farm specializing in CBD oil, or any other ancillary business in the cannabis industry, you absolutely need an engaging and lucrative marijuana website design.

A beautifully designed website is one thing, but what about a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to get found online and a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy to convert site visitors into paid returning customers?

Many websites drive monthly traffic from search engines and social media platforms but is this the right traffic?

Our SEO Audit and UX Analytics service takes a deep dive into your website data using Google Analytics and use customized heatmaps to record user behaviour on your website or on specific pages.

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SEO Audit For Marijuana Website Designs

Our SEO Audit and Website Profitability Analysis includes a comprehensive 27-point checklist.

We deliver a detailed report on all 27-points, as well as an overall website SEO score, and actionable recommendations to improve your website’s search rankings, conversion rate, and profitability.

SEO or CRO? What’s The Difference?

If 2.5%-5% of your site visitors are converting, i.e. making purchases, or “soft” conversions like signing up for your newsletter or contacting you for more information about your products or services, then you’re in good shape.

However, if your site visitors are not converting, it could be due to the user’s experience (UX) on your website or landing page. Our conversion rate optimization program for dispensaries can help identify any issues with UX and CRO.

Or maybe you’re not driving enough of the right traffic to your website from organic search. In this case, UX may not even be an issue. Instead, your issue could be lack of a comprehensive SEO and keyword strategy on your website.

The best way to improve the ROI and monthly revenues from your dispensary or ancillary business website is to understand exactly how your customers use your website and identify any “friction” preventing them from purchasing your marijuana and CBD products.

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Benefits of SEO Audit & UX Analytics For CBD &
Marijuana Websites

Our heatmaps can be used to show where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, or used to display the results of eye-tracking tests. This can be super valuable information if you’re looking for a new marijuana website design or looking to improve the search engine rankings and online sales from your current marijuana website design.

Our process starts with access to your website CMS and Google Analytics account. We begin by analyzing your website’s data and installing a customized heatmap to begin tracking user activity or inactivity. We need a minimum of 30-days to capture data from the heatmaps.

If you’re concerned about your marijuana website design or your dispensary’s SEO strategy, our marijuana website SEO Audit and CRO Analysis will identify the exact issues with your website’s search rankings and overall profitability.

Please reach out using the form below or contact us here.

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You have been a joy to work with. Thank you!”

“Vee, I want to thank you for following thru on all the things you said you would do.

We have used companies like yours before and it was a bust!

You have been a joy to work with. Thank you!”

Maryann Stanger
Vee and His Team at ColaDigital Are Outstanding!

“Vee and his team at ColaDigital are outstanding!

Vee delivers on everything he says he will- a big plus in this online world with so many flies by night operations.

We have contracted ColaDigital for multiple engagements- all are delivered by the date promised; a very organized and well-planned organization.

Looking forward to working with Vee and his team for the long term!”

Aaron Byers, Co-Owner,
Glenna Cairnie, Canadian Greenhouse Conference
“I Have The Utmost Confidence In ColaDigital”

“Vee and his team have been instrumental in growing my conference and expanding our reach to new audiences. They were patient with my learning curve, very accessible, responsible in handling my account budget and thorough in their reporting. I have the utmost confidence in to help us achieve our marketing goals.”

Glenna Cairnie, Canadian Greenhouse Conference
“ColaDigital Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals”

“Vee and his team at bring energy and creativity to everything they do. From community management to web design, to performance marketing, I can trust to bring fresh thinking and strategy to the table.

A huge benefit of working with is their ability to dissect the customer experience, whether it be online or offline.

Through analysis and collaboration ColaDigital can help you accomplish your goals, whether your goal is to acquire new customers or sell more to existing, have the strategic thinking to help you stand out from the crowd.”

Mick Higgins, CMO, Caddle Inc.
“Viral Marketing Done Right!”

“I’ve been around the viral marketing scene for almost 20 years, and what Vee has done with Nightmares is at the top of my list of amazing. So good in fact, that I spotlighted him in one of my books as the example of how to do viral marketing right. Besides being a good guy and smart as a whip, he understands community and viral marketing better than most.”

Scott Stratten, @UnMarketing
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